3 ways to treat erectile dysfunction without medication

"First, associated with course, [is] my all-time favorite herb: Rhodiola rosea. Manny,

My husband suffers via erectile dysfunction. When this occurs coming from time for you to time, it's not automatically trigger for concern. but your husband should visit a physician to have a diagnosis if he hasn't already.

The physician can also decide if the husband suffers via any underlying health issues similar to heart problems as well as diabetes that may be contributing to his symptoms.

There certainly are generally a number of treatment method options for erectile dysfunction including:

Oral medications

Hormone replacement therapy

Pumps as well as implants


Psychological counseling. Within fact, one in 10 men are affected in the condition at a quantity of time in their liv es.

We received this issue from the viewer:

Dear Dr. In 1 printed study, middle-aged men took about 200 milligrams regarding rhodiola rosea extract every day and there has been clearly any 68 % boost in erectile operate on their e-mail list of group."

An herb from Malaysia, known as tongkat ali, may be studied by simply reproductive specialists inside the country, who have reported with regards to eighty percent improvement within middle-aged men with almost all the condition, Kilham added.

Erectile dysfunction is really a widespread problem. Manny? Send these phones DrManny@foxnews.com.


"We've seen a minimal of two published studies showing that getting approximately 900 milligrams regarding red Panax ginseng every day results in an over sixty percent improvement regarding erectile function," stated Kilham.

Do you've questions regarding Dr.

However, since you're interested in the a lot more organic route, we checked withi n with our excellent friend, Chris Kilham, The Actual Medicine Hunter.

"I are conscious of 3 items that are fairly good," Kilham told FoxNews.com. Are Usually there just about any organic cures he can easily try?



Erectile dysfunction occurs whenever a man can will zero longer obtain as well as keep an erection with regard to sexual intercourse


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