Valve Adjustment, Compression Release and a Hard to Start Briggs and Stratton Engine

3/8" wooden dowel or substitute

Getting Started

On the actual rockers, the particular stamped metal pieces in which open the actual valves, there will be any nut and there is a new lock screw inside that will nut. Typically this screw will most likely be a new Torx head yet whatever it is, loosen it then loosen the particular retaining nut. you will see the slack within the rockers, the actual amount regarding slack is actually everything you are usually adjusting. With Regard To the intake valve, go in advance and also take .004" feeler gauge as well as insert it involving the valve stem along with rocker. Then tighten the retaining nut until the actual feeler gauge will just barely slide throughout along with out. It ought to be considered a snug fit, your gauge needs to have some resistance when wanting to pull it out.

At this point, take the wooden dowel and insert it to the spark plug hole, an individual ought to really feel the top the particular piston. Gr adually turn the particular flywheel by simply hand whilst holding the actual dowel contrary to always be able to the piston and you will have the piston move. Always Be careful performing this. If the particular dowel begins for you to grow to be caught inside a bind, again the actual piston up as well as remove the dowel. Anyone only want the particular dowel in the cylinder when the piston is at or near the top its travel.

If the particular engine will flip over simply and hiccups, won't rev or perhaps make power or even just won't start, then you might well be looking at a gas supply issue and you also need to read your article upon fundamental fuel system as well as carburetor repair.

Feeler gauge throughout .004" and also .006"

First anyone need to access the particular valve cover, this will possibly be the particular silver cover together with your engine head. This may have OHV stamped in to it and is held on with 4 screws/bolts. These kind of screws ar e generally typically 3/8" or even 7/16" hex head and therefore are removed employing a socket and also ratchet. Generally there is a gasket involving the valve protect and head. If you're careful you'll become able to typically re-use this. Then remove the spark plug.


If this can easily be an over Head Valve, (OHV) engine, then it could become in which you've just overlooked the basic maintenance procedure. At times you've an easy repair on your lawn tractor.

Thank an individual for scanning this and also I hope it is involving several help. A Quantity Of individuals have sent me messages asking for further help in diagnosis yet please understand, thanks to always be able to constraints within this kind of forum, there's just no way personally to complete which here.

Tools Need ed


Then tighten the particular lock screw back and in which valve is actually finished. Repeat the particular feeler gauge method on the exhaust valve making use of the .006" gauge and also replace your valve cover. In your event that the actual gasket tore whenever you removed it or even it isn't in the very best of condition, you can obtain a brand new gasket involving do what we do within the shop and create use of PermaTex Ultra Black to become able to re-seal the valve cover. We also use anti-seize on the valve include screws. Each PermaTex as well as anti-seize are available at any auto parts retailer too because the equipment required.

It could potentially be which it's not in which serious of your problem.

Most with the overhead valve engines possess a compression launch feature which permits for the starter in order to not get access to for you to function difficult to crank your engine. It's a slight raising, as well as bump, on the lobe o f the camshaft. Precisely what it will can be open up the particular valve a bit early to become able to allow extra compression to become able to bleed off. From speeds over 300rpm, the particular tappet just sort of floats more than this bump plus it has no impact about motor performance. Yet from beginning speeds, it's important or even the starter just can't flip the particular motor over.

Now using the cover off, you can see the rockers, push rods, valve springs along with valve stems. Your valves are your ones with just about all the springs about them. If a person flip the actual flywheel by simply hand you will notice your valves progress and also down as well as the approach the assembly works. Discover the actual consumption valve, this will possibly be the one that the carburetor feeds fuel along with air into. should a person remove the pushrods, often the intake valve will come together with an aluminum pushrod even though the exhaust valve includes a steel pus hrod. An Individual will must flip the particular flywheel clockwise until the thing is this valve open, (move downwards) then shut again. As Quickly As the actual consumption valve closes, the particular piston will be headed towards the surface of its travel, or even Best Dead Center, (TDC).

The Fix Will Be In

With the actual piston at TDC, rock the particular flwheel backwards as well as forwards to get the highest spot of the piston travel utilizing your dowel. Then find a spot around the head that's easy to observe and also mark the particular dowel where it lines up with that spot. Currently eliminate the dowel and also help to make an additional mark 1/4" above the initial mark.

Ratchet together with extension and also 3/8", 7/16" and 1/2" sockets

Please note, if you've a twin cylinder engine, you've for you to treat each along with every cylinder separately. An Individual need to bring each piston to end up being able to its respective TDC to en d up being able to adjust each cylinder's valves.

Find the Problem

To diagnose this problem, you will need a voltmeter. First, verify the

battery voltage simply by making use of your voltmeter upon every battery terminal. An Individual

should have with regards to 12 volts. Next, verify the voltage in the starter along with

the key within the commence position. A Person may have to have a helper only with that point

depending about the equipment. Just what you've to accomplish will be ensure that most

safety features tend to be activated just like you are beginning your

engine. Along With one lead in the voltmeter around the post about the starter

where the particular cable connects along with the other cause a good ground such as the

engine block, there should be regarding the identical voltage as there is with

the battery. A New drop of your volt isn't the concern. If this all checks out

ok ay, then it will be a reasonable diagnosis to suspect the compression


Torx as well as Allen driver in order to suit lock screw

Proper performance in the compression launch needs appropriate valve

lash adjustment. Adjusting the valves is truly a relatively simple project

requiring only a few tools and also when an individual learn how to accomplish it, anyone ought to

include it together using your annual maintenance program.

Briggs and Stratton Valve Adjustment and furthermore the Automatic Compression Release

Is your own Briggs as well as Stratton engine difficult to start? does your motor find that it's hard to turn over also it seems as if the actual starter must be bad or even the battery dead? is it time to spend huge bucks regarding lawnmower repair? How will you obtain that lawn tractor to the repair shop?

Once you've the particular valve deal with back on, you're ready to begin out the particular eng ine. Don't worry if it's still doing exactly the particular same as before. The idea typically just take several tries to accomplish this proper if you've never adjusted valve lash. Just start over along with check it out a couple more times if necessary. If you can't have it right following numerous tries, you may have a various problem which in turn will demand further diagnosis.

The valve lash ought for you to be set with the piston in 1/4" past TDC, thus everything you are doing will be building a gauge for you to collection up the actual piston travel having a reference point. Right now place the dowel again throughout along with rotate the flywheel to ensure that your piston is now 1/4" past TDC.


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